About Richard Davey

Richard Davey is COO of Advanced Barcode & Label Technology and has been involved in assisting customers with package and label design since receiving his degree from the UW-Stout packaging design program some 35+ years ago.

Waterproof Serialized Polyester Labels

Exceptional Serialized Polyester Labels: Unmatched Durability and Waterproof Performance Welcome to ABLT, where we present our serialized polyester labels that redefine the industry standards when it comes to durability and water resistance. We're thrilled to introduce you to a product that not only stands the test of time but also satisfies the most rigorous labeling [...]

UPC Codes 101

What is a UPC code? The Universal Product Code (commonly called a UPC code) is a standardized barcode system used to identify and track products across the supply chain. UPC codes are made up of a series of black and white bars and digits that represent a unique identification number assigned to a product. To [...]

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Wire Wrap Labels For Barcode Tracking

Track and Tracing Cables Made Simple With Wire Wrap Barcode Labels Cables can be a challenge because of how rough they are handled, if the wrong material is used the label will not last very long. It is important to use a flexible material to avoid "Flagging" where the label wants to pull away from [...]

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Sales and Service Labels

Sales and Service labels and stickers so your customers can remember how to contact you. Quick and easy sales and service labels made of water proof, durable polyester or vinyl with clear anti scuff polyester lamination film. Full color including logo without printing plate costs. Standard with clear polyester laminate. Hundreds of label sizes available, [...]

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ABLT Label Artwork Specifications

Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies Artwork Specifications: Please follow our label artwork guidelines below to ensure the quickest and best results for your labels. If you have any questions, please call us and a trained ABLT professional will assist you. Software Supported/File Formats (PC and Mac) Adobe Illustrator – versions 2020 and earlier Adobe Photoshop [...]

Do You Need Help Choosing A Label Material?

Why use Polyester over Vinyl or Vinyl over Polypropylene for labels? How do you decide what is the correct label material for a label project? Polypropylene, Polyester and Vinyl are the most common materials used to make labels (when choosing from plastic based materials) and I have been asked these questions many times over the [...]

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Sign of the times: PREVENT GETTING SICK

The CDC has recommended social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Social distancing also referred to as “Physical distancing” means keeping a space of at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people. Warning signs displayed on the ground or on walls and windows can serve as an in your face [...]

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Custom Medical Asset Tracking Labels

Color Medical Asset Tracking Label At no time in history has knowing what medical equipment you have and where it is located been more important than right now. Our medical equipment and supply customers are doubling down on efforts to keep up with their important assets and inventories. By making sure MUST HAVE [...]

Fasson 79453 White Polyester Label Material

Fasson durable White Polyester 79453 label material with S8049 adhesive. Over the last few decades, there has been an increased use of low surface energy plastics in the automotive, appliance, HVAC, lawn and garden, and industrial segments. Pressure-sensitive label materials with current adhesive technology do not perform adequately with regards to adhesion. They also are [...]

3M FP022102 Polypro with Ultra Aggressive Adhesive

Tire Adhesive Level of Grip Without All the Ooze Durable matte white Polypropylene offering excellent moisture resistance and durability. FP022102 label material utilizes 3M P1480 high performance tackified acrylic for acid resistance and adhesion to difficult surfaces such as wood and high energy plastics. 3M FP022102 Label Material Uses Include: Rough Wood Ladders Heavenly Powder [...]

53432 Ultra Removable Paper Label Material

Labels that can be removed after years without damage 53432 Repositionable Label Paper Ultra Removable Repositionable Paper Label Material 7142 with UR3 Adhesive offers unique, one-piece removability from many surfaces, including fragile papers, and can be re-positioned repeatedly for reuse on the same surface or application to another surface. Facestock 62.5# ultra smooth [...]

Specimen Tracking Barcode Labels

Tissue sampling and blood tests are performed 1,000’s of times a day but without a way to track the sample back to the individual being tested, the testing is useless. Barcode specimen tracking label kits are the most reliable and least expensive way to verify that the fluids or tissue samples can be traced back [...]

What is Label Serialization?

Label serialization is the act of assigning a unique identification code to each item in a series. Whether it be pharmaceuticals, industrial equipment, or health and beauty products, serialization labels are the tried and true way to protect your supply. Many companies are now required to use serialization labels in order to comply with strict [...]

Georgia Grown Products Packaging and Custom Labels

We support Georgia grown and manufactured products. Byne Blueberry Farms, Amani Soaps, and Himalayan Candles are some local businesses that have inspiring back stories. We’re proud to support these companies and couldn’t be prouder of the labels we provide for their packaging. Byne Berry Farms Byne Blueberry Farms one of the oldest organic blueberry farms [...]

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Customer Spotlight – Atlanta Acne Specialists

WE CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION It’s our goal to provide incredible customer service and improve the looks and quality of your product. Teri Eastin, L.E., of Atlanta Acne Specialists is a valued customer and came to ABLT with some legitimate label concerns. Her previous labels did not stick properly to her product and the ink [...]

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