Color Medical Asset Tracking Label

Color Medical Asset Tracking Label

At no time in history has knowing what medical equipment you have and where it is located been more important than right now.

Our medical equipment and supply customers are doubling down on efforts to keep up with their important assets and inventories.

By making sure MUST HAVE instruments are properly labeled with traceable barcode asset stickers, they are ensuring that when an emergency requires a specific piece of equipment, it can be found quickly and sent to where it is needed most.

Some of the things to consider when labeling equipment:

Label Location – Labels should be placed consistently amongst the different pieces of equipment. Employees whose job it is to scan the barcodes should not have to guess where that label might be.

Label Material – Asset labels should be made of quality polyester with an adhesive equipped to adhere to a wide range of surface materials including glass, plastics, and powder coated metals. Labels should either be made of UV inks or have a clear polyester laminate to protect the barcode.Premium Medical Equipment Asset Tracking Label

Barcode – The idea of putting a serialized barcode on an asset labels sounds pretty simple, what could go wrong? The first consideration is to always get with your IT group or the manufacturer of your asset tracking software to make sure that there are not limitations that you are not aware of. Some data terminals are programmed to only accept a single type of barcode (code 3 of 9 vs. code 128).

Special Characters – It might be simpler to read a label if there are dashes in the text (like a phone number) to help when reading, but what if your asset tracking program does not accept special characters. Make sure of your data before ordering those labels.

Code Size – Be very careful when trying to shrink a barcode to fit in a small space. Just because the barcode can be made small enough to fit on a tiny label does not mean it can be read with a standard hand scanner. The type of equipment used to make the barcode can greatly affect how small the barcode can be shrunk down.

White Polyester Asset Tracking Labels

White Polyester Asset Tracking Labels

Whether you are in a hospital trying keeping track of lifesaving medical equipment or at a University full of computers and testing instruments, knowing where your assets are and the condition that they are in is vital to your organization.

Do you have additional questions about what makes a superior asset label or just have questions? Please contact us, we have been around since 1984 and are happy to talk labels.

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