Wire Wrap Labels For Barcode Tracking

Track and Tracing Cables Made Simple With Wire Wrap Barcode Labels Cables can be a challenge because of how rough they are handled, if the wrong material is used the label will not last very long. It is important to use a flexible material to avoid "Flagging" where the label wants to pull away from [...]

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Sales and Service Labels

Sales and Service labels and stickers so your customers can remember how to contact you. Quick and easy sales and service labels made of water proof, durable polyester or vinyl with clear anti scuff polyester lamination film. Full color including logo without printing plate costs. Standard with clear polyester laminate. Hundreds of label sizes available, [...]

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Do You Need Help Choosing A Label Material?

Why use Polyester over Vinyl or Vinyl over Polypropylene for labels? How do you decide what is the correct label material for a label project? Polypropylene, Polyester and Vinyl are the most common materials used to make labels (when choosing from plastic based materials) and I have been asked these questions many times over the [...]

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A Label as Long as 6 Football Fields?

Labels used to measure Geo Synthetic Fabrics The longest label in the world? Who knows, but a 2000 foot label in 1 foot increments has got to be right up there. When a geo-fabric distributor sells their materials to large contracting groups, how can each party be assured the right amount of fabric [...]

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Asset Labels: A Labeled Asset is a Found Asset

There are many, many types of labels out there but do you know what asset labels are? How do asset labels differ from other labels? Are they unique to an industry? What information do they present? Well, to answer your question, asset labels are used to identify maintenance and operational purposes. They are most commonly found [...]

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GHS Mandate Ribbon and Label Blanks

Black and Red Colored Ribbon to comply with GHS 5609 Mandate for Marine Immersion. Classifications of chemicals materials has been standardized by the United Nations so as to create a more uniform way to identify hazardous products. In doing so the process of producing product labels for chemicals being shipped around the country and over [...]

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Stock Thermal Transfer Labels

Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies stocks a wide selection of industrial thermal transfer labels. Supplies include receipt paper, tags, thermal transfer paper and ribbon for all labeling solutions. Thermal Transfer Label Paper - Rolls Part # Size # of Labels Per Roll / Stack Rolls / Box TT150100P 1.50 X 1.00 5100 /roll 8 Rolls/Box [...]

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Barcode Location Labels Made of Durable Polyester

We work with you to produce barcode location labels made of durable polyester that are custom designed to suit your labeling needs - not our production capabilities. We encourage producing samples for testing before production begins, this way any problems are uncovered before your labels are installed. Racking labels can be made of a number [...]

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Stock Security Labels

ABLT stock labels are printed 1 color black with the words "Warranty Void if Removed" laminated with protective clear polyester on rolls of 1,000.   Void if Removed Security Labels - Once labels are applied the word Void appears if someone tries to remove the label. Destructible Security Labels - After label bonds to the [...]

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