Geo Synthetic Fabrics Labels

Labels used to measure Geo Synthetic Fabrics

The longest label in the world? Who knows, but a 2000 foot label in 1 foot increments has got to be right up there.

When a geo-fabric distributor sells their materials to large contracting groups, how can each party be assured the right amount of fabric has been accounted for? One of the world’s largest manufacturer of woven synthetics has solved this problem by running a 2,000′ label down the center during production. By adding a measured label to their material as it is being produced, they are assured of dispensing their fabric in precise quantities that are accurate down to fractions of an inch.

Geo Synthetic Fabrics Labels

Each label roll is marked in 1 foot increments with a digital UV cured ink to withstand outdoor elements on a 1mil plastic with permanent adhesive. Rolls of measuring label stock can be marked in metric or US/imperial measurements.

By Staff Sgt. Lewis Hilburn ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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