Single color label with tactile triangle.

What you need to know about E-Liquid (sometimes called  ‘eJuice’ or ‘vape juice’) warning labels:

In recent years, the e-cigarette market has absolutely taken off. E-liquid companies have sprung up quickly all across the country in every state. Vape cafes are the new coffee shop and can be found in the many trendy parts of town in just about every city.

However, you’ve surely seen an article in the news about how the liquid itself is unsafe when not used as intended. It can be harmful to the skin and eyes if spilled or mistaken for something else.

In particular, we’ve seen a case where some unfortunate soul picked up their e-liquid bottle instead of eye drops since they come in very similar sizes and packaging. While he made a full recovery, no one wants to see that happen again.

That’s where tactile warning labels come in. Already mandatory in Europe, these little triangles indicate that the liquid is potentially hazardous, preventing mistakes. Designed for the visually impaired to easily distinguish a potentially hazardous product using a specially designed raised, embossed triangle label. Each labels is made from a clear poly that will not block or distract from the visual appearance of the label.

Additional information can be found here: Tactile Triangle Labels