Pure Abundance produces a high quality vegan cheese that is distributed through upscale retail stores.

With Food Product Labels shelf space is limited so it is imperative that the product has a look that draws the customer’s attention quickly.

Pure Abundance Label - Before

Pure Abundance Label – Before

Pure Abundance Label - After

Pure Abundance Label – After

The cheese is a healthy, natural product which led to the choice of Green color to associate as eco-friendly. During the label upgrade metallic foils were used to give the labels a rich look expected in high-end markets.

Additionally, the nutrition labels on the back of the package also had to be redesigned with the following features:

  • Material that would not tear as package is opened.
  • Adhesive that would stick well enough to seal the package but not so much that the package could not be opened.
  • Re-sized so the the label fits on the back of the package.

Contact one of our sales representatives for additional information if you would like to see how to add metallic foil to your labels.

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