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Specimen Tracking Barcode Labels

Tissue sampling and blood tests are performed 1,000’s of times a day but without a way to track the sample back to the individual being tested, the testing is useless. Barcode specimen tracking label kits are the most reliable and least expensive way to verify that the fluids or tissue samples can be traced back [...]

Serialized Labels For Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies must be compliant with new changes to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. This law, known as DSCSA, requires drug companies to serialize all packaging in case of recalls or investigations. Serialization of this kind is also required by the European Union for pharmaceuticals being sold overseas. These required labels are essential for [...]

Custom Automotive Labels & Industrial Labels

Looking for labels for cars, trucks, heavy duty tractors and replacement parts? We specialize in the production of custom automotive and industrial labels. Custom labels for cars, trucks, heavy duty tractors, mass transit vehicles and replacement parts. Automotive and industrial equipment industries frequently require label solutions that include: Barcoding for item level tracking High tack long [...]

Custom Food Product Labels

Trust ABLT to produce custom food product labels that make a great impression that leads to sales. We use brilliant, colorfast UV inks that will make your products stand out. The label on your food or beverage product is the face of your company. If you do not make a great impression in the first [...]

Custom Manufacturing Labels

ABLT custom manufacturing labels can withstand extreme conditions like high heat, low temperatures, solvents, grease and oils, salt water, and direct sun exposure. Some of the most demanding requirements have nothing to do with the label environment, but the surface to which the label must adhere. We guide our customers through the selection of the [...]

Custom OEM Labels and Decals

When private labeling for your customer, it is vitally important that the labels perform for many years. You stake your reputation on the products you make. Don’t let a poor quality label ruin it. ABLT has been printing custom OEM labels and decals since 1983. With the addition of our digital press, we have been [...]

Nutraceutical Labels and Pharmaceutical Labels

Advanced Barcode & Label Technology's Nutraceutical labels and Pharmaceutical labels are printed to meet our customers' high standards. We manufacturer labels for the industry for products such as: Labels for Packaged Herbs Labels for Vitamins and Minerals Dietary Supplements Labels Labels for Essential Oils and Creams Labels for Diet Aids Functional Foods Labels Our labels [...]

Specialized Textile Labels

ABLT offers a unique combination of specialized high quality of textile labels or tag materials along with digital print technology at affordable prices. Labels and tags are sewn into many types of products these days, including: Labels for GEO Fabrics and Textiles Labels for Construction Slings Labels for Awnings and Tents Labels for Hospital Beds [...]

Custom Logistics & Warehouse Labels

ABLT offers wide range of custom logistics & warehouse labels such as bar code racking, ceiling placards, floor plate, color coded totem, and tote bin labels. Warehouse and Logistics covers a wide range of label types including: Barcode Location labels made of durable polyester Ceiling Placards Long Range Scanning or Retro Reflective Racking Labels Color [...]

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