ABLT produces special purpose custom labels designed for use in the laboratory or healthcare industry.

Laboratory Labels

ABLT has been working with companies such as Emory and the CDC since the early 80’s to help them with their data collection needs. Each laboratory or healthcare label serves a special purpose. Some labels need to stay adhered to a test tube or vial, while others need to release cleanly.Custom Laboratory Labels

ABLT produces custom-sized laboratory and healthcare label blanks for any thermal transfer printer or a complete printing system including software.

Some of the custom laboratory and healthcare labels that we have produced include:

  • Laboratory test kit labelsLaboratory Test Kit Labels
  • Cryogenic or freezer labels
  • Autoclave resistant labels
  • Aliquot tube labels
  • Custom test tube labels
  • Thermal transfer / direct thermal labels
  • Specimen identification labels
  • 2D barcodes data-matrix labels
  • Labels for petri dishes

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