ABLT custom manufacturing labels can withstand extreme conditions like high heat, low temperatures, solvents, grease and oils, salt water, and direct sun exposure.

Custom Manufacturing Labels

Some of the most demanding requirements have nothing to do with the label environment, but the surface to which the label must adhere. We guide our customers through the selection of the correct label materials and knowing the surface energy of the product and adhesive.

When we first started producing manufacturing labels with serialized identification information, most customers were happy to have a black & white label as long as the bar code scanned. These days with brand awareness at the forefront, our customers require process color labels in addition to perfect bar code print.

Colored Manufacturing Labels

 Materials available for custom manufacturing labels include:

  • White and Matte Silver Polyester
  • Adhesives Designed for Powder Coated Metal
  • Lexan Laminates 3mil, 5mil, and 10mil
  • Structured Adhesives to Prevent Out-Gas Bubbles
  • Outdoor Vinyl Decals