Magnetic Racking Labels

Magnetic Labels

Have you ever labeled a warehouse only to find that some of your location labels need to be moved to a different position? Are you tired of wanting to transfer a label somewhere else, only to find that you need to print a whole new label off?

Well, if that sounds like you, then what you are looking for is magnetic labels.

What are magnetic labels?

Labels made of a magnetic material with a printable top surface. These labels are not your cheap refrigerator give away type magnets but heavy duty with a 0.030″ thickness.

Why use them?

One of the issues with magnetic labels is that they can be removed easily by anyone, so why use them? The biggest reason is they don’t leave any sort of mess and can be transferred and stored so easily. When you are dealing with paper labels or poly labels, you are going to be scraping the label from the shelf because the label is meant to be permanent. Even ones that are supposed to be temporary are not meant to be reused.

With magnet labels, there is no mark. The magnet comes off easily and that makes it perfect for anything that needs to be transferred. Warehouses sometimes change their setup, locations are altered, and you can’t have a bunch of old labels sticking around when you are trying to make things look good.

Magnet labels also save time. You just place the magnet where you want it. This is why many companies choose to use them.

Magnetic Label Benefits

As have already been mentioned, there are several benefits to using magnet labels, including:

  1. The fact that you can remove the magnetic label is a huge benefit. This means you won’t have to leave anything from the previous label, or put one label over another over and over. You have an immense amount of flexibility with a magnetic label.
  2. There are many options that you can choose from for your magnetic label. Magnetic labels can come in many different styles. In addition, magnetic labels can have any sort of information, graphics, or designs on the front of the label.
  3. They can easily be transferred anywhere, saving you time and money in removing old labels and placing new ones in different locations. For a warehouse or company that has a lot of movement of items, this is an excellent option to go with.
  4. They are incredibly durable. There are magnet labels that can last not just a few months, but years on end. That makes them perfect for any company that needs labels but doesn’t want to keep buying them every year. It also helps to save time with waiting for new labels to come in to replace the ones that have degraded over time.

Magnetic Label Disadvantages

There are two main disadvantages to these labels.

  1. The biggest disadvantage is that the magnet label will only attach to something that is metallic. That means that you can only use them on metallic shelves and metallic products. In addition, while the magnetic field is incredibly weak, you don’t want to attach the magnetic label to anything computerized as it may end up causing some problems for you. This is why magnetic labels are best in a warehouse environment more than anywhere else.
  2. Another problem is that they can be easily removed. While you probably won’t have to worry about people tampering with the labels too much, it is something to consider if you are worried about labels going missing. In addition, they can be bumped, knocked off or accidentally hit during any given day, and if they fall off it may be difficult (especially over a long period of time) to know where exactly that magnet label is supposed to go.

Tips for Magnet Labels

If you decide to order magnet labels, there are some tips to consider, including:

  1. First of all, you have the option to make your magnet label attractive and visually-appealing. If you are trying to sell something, you want the magnet to catch the eye. If you are using the magnet in a warehouse, you want it to be easily recognizable by anyone who happens to be walking through, looking for a particular product for a customer, or to ship out.
  2. Have backups ready just in case. While the magnet label can last a very long time in most circumstances, they do come off more easily than an asset label. For that reason, having a backup in case your magnet label gets lost can save you a lot of time and energy trying to find that label. You will also save money not having to order a new one as a rush job.
  3. Consider the size of the magnet and where it is going. Some magnets stick better to certain metals than others. The larger the magnet, the heavier it will be and the stronger the magnet is going to need to be. Take that into consideration.

Overall, magnetic labels are excellent if you are in a warehouse environment where labels need to be moved on a regular basis. They are inexpensive, durable, and long-lasting, so you can’t go wrong with them.

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