Barcode Location Labels

We work with you to produce barcode location labels made of durable polyester that are custom designed to suit your labeling needs – not our production capabilities.

We encourage producing samples for testing before production begins, this way any problems are uncovered before your labels are installed.

Racking labels can be made of a number of different materials but in our experience polyester (sometimes referred to as Mylar) produces the most long lasting and durable label.

We have different options on how the labels are printed including UV cured inks (the most durable) and thermal transfer.

All labels can be laminated with a clear or matte clear polyester film.

Additional polyester label production options include:

  • Magnetic backing
  • Retro reflective surface for long range scanning
  • Block-out material to cover up old labels
  • Dual bar codes to allow close range as well as long range scanning