Fasson durable White Polyester 79453 label material with S8049 adhesive.

Over the last few decades, there has been an increased use of low surface energy plastics in the automotive, appliance, HVAC, lawn and garden, and industrial segments.

Pressure-sensitive label materials with current adhesive technology do not perform adequately with regards to adhesion. They also are difficult to convert and in many cases exhbit adhesive ooze.

To solve these problems, Avery Dennison has developed a pressure-sensitive label solution, combining rubber and acrylic adhesive technology.

A proprietary rubber and acrylic hybrid product, S8049 is well-suited for use in applications where labels must adhere to rough, oily and low surface energy substrates.

Combining rubber and acrylic label materials to achieve the best of both worlds:

• Exceptional adhesive performance onto rough, slightly oily or very low surface energy substrates
• Provides short-term repositionability
• High resistance to heat, oils, solvents and other harsh chemicals
• Easy conversion and application reducing production costs, saving money