We support Georgia grown and manufactured products.

Byne Blueberry Farms, Amani Soaps, and Himalayan Candles are some local businesses that have inspiring back stories. We’re proud to support these companies and couldn’t be prouder of the labels we provide for their packaging.

Byne Berry Farms

Byne Blueberry Farms one of the oldest organic blueberry farms in the United States. They were organic before the term organic even existed! Their product label speaks to their history and what keeps the farm running, which according to Dick Byne is his four daughters: Diane, Janie, Ann Nell, and Marian.

So, of course he and his wife Lisa wanted them on the label. Byne has some truly innovative and interesting blueberry products. Check out their site and you can see some of our handiwork! Oh, and if you didn’t know, July is National Blueberry Month!

Byne Blueberry Farms Product LabelByne Blueberry Farms Product LabelByne Blueberry Farms Product Label

Amani Soaps

The creator of Amani soaps, Peggy Tipton, has such an inspiring life philosophy inspired by a tragic loss of a loved one. She incorporated those very important learned ideologies into her packaging. In her own words, “Amani is all about celebrating the little things in life that make a difference–coffee in bed, walks in the woods, and yes, even pretty soap.

We really believe every day is a gift to be celebrated and we want that for you too.” We created very durable, but light and fresh labels for her products. Amani soaps are very conscious of our earth and the environment –they give back in very powerful ways. Check them out and see what makes them so great!

Amani Soaps LabelAmani Soaps Label Amani Soaps Label

Himalayan Candles

Himalayan Candles are processed and packaged right here in Decatur, GA. The company was started in 2004 by Julia Leaphart, in her kitchen! The company was founded as a way for her to connect with a childhood spent in a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas as well as a need to earn a living for herself and her young daughter.

Vintage-style vessels come from India and are just as interesting and beautiful as their unique fragrances. You can find their products all over Georgia or order direct from their website. Check out interesting scents such as: Anise and Black Pepper, Tobacco Bark, Rain Barrel.

Himalayan Candles Label

Himalayan Candles LabelHimalayan Candles Label


Georgia Grown

Georgia Grown Label

If you are a Georgia grown company please support this wonderful organization that works to bring together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. It’s an incredible network and resource for any small business in Georgia. And we at ABLT would like for you to consider a Georgia grown printing company too! Yes, we’re talking about us! Call us, we are truly the experts of our industry.

We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our connection and relationship with local producers and manufacturers. We are proud to be supporters of our community.