What is Label Serialization?

Label serialization is the act of assigning a unique identification code to each item in a series.

Whether it be pharmaceuticals, industrial equipment, or health and beauty products, serialization labels are the tried and true way to protect your supply.

Many companies are now required to use serialization labels in order to comply with strict track-and-trace laws. In doing so, companies are able to keep an accurate account of products throughout the supply chain –from manufacturer to consumer.

How can ABLT help with label serialization?

We at ABLT are experts on the serialization of labels and can accommodate our clients in many unique ways. We understand the value of inventory control and provide several ways to serialize your labels, in addition to the most common way which is numerical.

Serialization sequences aren’t limited to simply increasing or decreasing numbers. Several creative non-standard ways exist for printing and labeling.

We can tell you all about them when you call us for a quote! Complex numbering sequences, alphanumeric combinations, or creating your own customized serialization sequences are just a few options that are powerfully advanced ways of designing unique labels for your products. ABLT will help you come up with the best solution for your needs.

Barcodes and QR codes can even be reverse printed to allow for more print space on your label design.

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 Have questions about label serialization? We can provide you with the answers. We can print any quantity, full color, and any size on a multitude of materials.

Label Serialization Examples:

We really get a kick out of coming up non-standard solutions. It’s fun for us to see these –  “LuckyOtter” and “CurlyColt” – serialized labels come off our presses. We’d love to discuss an innovative way to print your labels. Options are limitless.