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It’s our goal to provide incredible customer service and improve the looks and quality of your product.

Teri Eastin, L.E., of Atlanta Acne Specialists is a valued customer and came to ABLT with some legitimate label concerns. Her previous labels did not stick properly to her product and the ink rubbed off with the slightest bit of moisture.

After a consultation with Teri, we made some great suggestions. Her product labels are now durable, wrinkle-free, waterproof, and have a beautiful matte laminate finish. Even with the many various shapes and sizes of Atlanta Acne Specialists’ product containers, their branding is clear and professional looking.

Teri continues to love her new look and appreciates the time and money we saved her.

Thanks for your business Teri!

Custom Product Labels - Atlanta Acne Specialists   Custom Product Labels - Atlanta Acne Specialists

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What Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies offer:

  • Super high quality 4 color printing gives health & beauty product labels a rich, clean look
  • We’re experts in foil stamping and embossing labels for that luxury-product image
  • Waterproof label materials available for any product
  • Love the clear, ‘no-label’ look? It has to be done right to make it work.
  • Using just the right adhesive can make more of a difference than you think
  • Durable squeezable films last as long as the product

Material selection and color fidelity are crucial to producing eye appealing cosmetic labels and packaging. We can help you outshine your competition!