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Richard Davey is COO of Advanced Barcode & Label Technology and has been involved in assisting customers with package and label design since receiving his degree from the UW-Stout packaging design program some 35+ years ago.

Labels for Product Branding

Courtesy of Honeysucklegelato.com Your brand is your identity. And let’s be clear, branding is much more than just your product or packaging. It’s everything! It’s what your customers see, hear, read, think, feel and perceive about your product. We aren’t experts on all aspects of branding, but we sure can help you with [...]

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ABLT Supports Georgia Grown Products

Georgia Grown food producers are the backbone of our community and we try to go out of our way to support these small businesses as they navigate bringing their products to market. Some of the help we provide includes: UPC barcode information and support Help with getting label art ready for print Nutrition Fact Labels [...]

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Avery 79453 White 2 mil Polyester with Hybrid S8049 Adhesive

Labels made with Avery 79453 White Polyester with aggressive S8049 adhesive have the characteristic of a quick tack rubber based adhesive but with the longevity of an acrylic adhesive. Over the last few decades, there has been an increased use of low surface energy plastics in the automotive, appliance, HVAC, lawn and garden, and industrial [...]

Labels Shipped Worldwide Since 1983

International label shipments are an important part of our business. International business has been an important part of Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies over the years. Working with people from different parts of the world helps us step out of our bubble and develop a different perspective that makes us a better company. By offering [...]

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Custom Specialty Paper Labels

Paper Label Stock Whenever I imagined using paper to print labels, I used to think of white UPC code paper labels or cheap looking retail store labels . With the  interest in better made and locally grown products the packaging began to change to reflect the value of the item being sold. #60 Estate [...]

Label Paper Stock With Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Types of Label Paper Stock With Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Classic Felt Label Stock - 60# Classic Felt Natural White WS 60# Classic Felt NWS Natural White ideal for wine, high-end beverages and gourmet foods. Linen Solar White Label Stock - 60# Classic Linen WS Uncoated wet-strength paper providing a linen finish. Ideal for wine, high-end beverages [...]

Chocolate Labels for Custom Food Products

Chocolate Labels for Food Products Getting your food product to market quickly could mean the beginning of the next food trend. No, we don't really make labels out of chocolate, but custom food product labels that go on chocolates come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Everything from chocolate spray, to [...]

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Short Run Labels For Startups

Short Run Food Label At some point during your business startup, you are going to want a better look for your product label than you can get from your trusty old desktop printer. We can print low quantity short run labels for startup companies to help them get their products to market quickly. [...]

Flexcon FLX000324 Clear UV Resistant Polyester Lamination Film

UV Lamination makes a difference UV Protection for Outdoor Labels Durable UV Resistant Polyester lamination film for use on: Power Equipment Labels Tool Labels Appliance Labels Sporting Equipment Labels Signs Electronics Labels... and more Flexcon FLX000324 End Use Applications: Compliance Labels Warning & Instructional Labels Nameplates Brand Identity Labels For Transportation including: Automotive Heavy [...]

Lexan Laminate 10mil

10 Mil Lexan Laminate Facestock Lexan 10 mil (250 micron) film with high heat resistance. Lexan 8A35 is a one side velvet, one side polished transparent polycarbonate film. It offers high temperature resistance, excellent dimensional stability, as well as good printability without pre-treatment making it very suitable for multi-layer printing for applications such as overlays, [...]

3M 7380 Tamper Evident Matte White Void Polyester – Void if Removed Label Material

Tamper Evident 3M 7380 Void if Removed Label Tamper evident feature leaves a visible void pattern when removed from substrate. Label stock used for warranty seal, authentication label or closure seal. Facestock 2.3 mil Matte White Polyester Adhesive 1 mil #300 acrylic Liner 55# Densified Kraft 3M 7380 Void if Removed Label Material Data Sheet ( PDF [...]

Flexcon FLX000318 Matte Silver Polyester

Flexcon Matte Silver Polyester FLX000318 with aggressive adhesive Warning and instructional labels contain critical information about how to properly operate outdoor power equipment as well as the hazards associated with improperly operating the equipment. It is crucial that the information conveyed on these fundamental labels remain legible for the life of the product. Pressure-sensitive films [...]

3M 7142 Repositionable Paper Label Material

3M™ Repositionable Label Paper 7142 3M™ Repositionable Paper Label Material 7142 with 3M™ Adhesive 1000 offer unique, one-piece removability from many surfaces, including fragile papers, and can be re-positioned repeatedly for reuse on the same surface or application to another surface. 3M™ 7142 Application Ideas: These label materials can be used for point-of-purchase advertising labels [...]

3M 3929 Retro Reflective Polyester Label Stock

3M Retro Reflective 3929 Label Stock Topcoated to accept resin-based thermal transfer printing. When bar code printed, retro-reflective facestock extends the maximum and minimum scanning distance of long-range scanners. Facestock 122 micron (4.8 thou) Topcoated Retro-Reflective Film Adhesive 25 micron (1.0 thou) #200 ‘Hi Performance’ Acrylic Liner 114 micron (4.5 thou) 130 g/m² (#80) Clay [...]

Waterproof Labels and Stickers

Waterproof Label Stickers Is the sticker or label waterproof? Stickers and labels can be made of a variety of materials to give you a "Waterproof Sticker" but the question you should be asking yourself is how much water protection do I need? And, how long does it need to last? Why pay for [...]

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Are they Labels or Stickers?

I know it seems like a silly discussion, but the question of "Should I call them labels or stickers?" does come up quite often. To be exact, the technical definitions are as follows: A label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or product, on which is [...]

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A Label as Long as 6 Football Fields?

Labels used to measure Geo Synthetic Fabrics The longest label in the world? Who knows, but a 2000 foot label in 1 foot increments has got to be right up there. When a geo-fabric distributor sells their materials to large contracting groups, how can each party be assured the right amount of fabric [...]

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