Flexcon Matte Silver Polyester FLX000318 with aggressive adhesive

Warning and instructional labels contain critical information about how to properly operate outdoor power equipment as well as the hazards associated with improperly operating the equipment. It is crucial that the information conveyed on these fundamental labels remain legible for the life of the product.

Pressure-sensitive films are ideal because they are rigid and provide excellent printability, keeping the label intact and legible. Film also provides good resistance to the abrasion that occurs during product assembly, shipment, and product use.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are specially formulated to securely bond to a large variety of challenging surfaces. For protecting your brand identity, look no further than pressure-sensitive films and adhesives to support your warning and instructional label application needs.

Flexcon FLX000318 is great for rough textured surfaces.

2.0mil silver matte polyester provides consistent surface smoothness, excellent dimensional stability and endurance to varying temperatures.

Facestock : 2 mil Mattes Silver Polyester

Adhesive : 2 mil Acrylic adhesive

Flexcon FLX000318 Data Sheet ( PDF )