Labels made with Avery 79453 White Polyester with aggressive S8049 adhesive have the characteristic of a quick tack rubber based adhesive but with the longevity of an acrylic adhesive.

Over the last few decades, there has been an increased use of low surface energy plastics in the automotive, appliance, HVAC, lawn and garden, and industrial segments.

Pressure-sensitive label materials with current adhesive technology do not perform adequately with regards to adhesion. They also are difficult to convert and in many cases exhbit adhesive ooze.

To solve these problems, Avery Dennison has developed a pressure-sensitive solution, combining rubber and acrylic adhesive technology.

Avery 79453 labels are great for those irregular surfaces that need a good quick tack.

  • Great adhesion to rough or oily surfaces
  • Sticks to LSE (low surface energy) plastics
  • Withstands high temperatures
  •  Highly resistant to harsh chemicals and solvents
  • UL and CSA compliant, meets UL969 and CSA C22.2 for indoor and outdoor use


2 mil white polyester


1.8 mil rubber hybridized acrylic permanent

Avery 79453 White Polyester Film Data Sheet ( PDF )

Also available is a 2 mil matte silver polyester.