Short Run Food Label

Short Run Food Label

At some point during your business startup, you are going to want a better look for your product label than you can get from your trusty old desktop printer. We can print low quantity short run labels for startup companies to help them get their products to market quickly.

Do you really want to be in the label printing business?

In the beginning when resources are limited, it makes sense to print your own labels. You may not need a large volume when things are just beginning to pick up.  However, once things get off the ground, your everyday desktop printer may not be able to keep up. These days, printer toner costs more than gold per ounce, which can really start to add up costs!

Also, there is a cosmetic aspect to creating your own short run labels. As trendy as it is right now to have things look handmade, your labels also need to look professional. If someone can tell your labels were made in your office, or at home, they may worry about the quality of your product.

Additionally, when you are fighting for shelf space do you really want your product placement based on a label printed on sub par Avery stock labels?

But that’s where we come in. Unlike many label printing companies, which will only produce labels in large quantities, we have been working with new companies for many years and have produced short run labels for startup companies in quantities of as few as 500.

Standard off-the-shelf label blanks can help you keep your cost down when you are producing those first prototype labels, but sooner or later you will find that:

  • Paper smudges
  • Fading over time
  • Cheap adhesive may not stick
  • Stock sizes my not be compatible with your package

Give us a call and see that our short run labels for startup businesses are worth the effort.

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