Label design for odd shaped bottle

Label design for odd shaped bottle

This week, our latest challenge has been helping a vodka company design labels for their very unique bottle.

For something this artistically designed, we couldn’t use a simple rectangular label. Instead, we’ve made a triangular one to fit perfectly on one of its facets.

Not every package lends itself to a flat label, so sometimes you need to be creative with the label design or placement. Other times, a label will just not work and a tag material will need to be used.

The best time to start thinking about label designs is before you have designed your package or product. Consider the surface and material that the label will need to adhere to. Think about the environment and how the product will be handled once the consumer has purchased your product.

The vodka bottle was a bit of a challenge, but we are always up to the task. Got something unusual that needs a label or tag? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to make sure it’s perfect.

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