Paper Label Stock

Whenever I imagined using paper to print labels, I used to think of white UPC code paper labels or cheap looking retail store labels . With the  interest in better made and locally grown products the packaging began to change to reflect the value of the item being sold.

Estate Paper Label Stock

#60 Estate Paper Label Stock

Over time, the material suppliers started to step up their game and have come out with incredible selections of fine pressure sensitive paper label stock that used to be reserved for only the off-set printers. Today the packaging designers have no reason to shy away from using paper labels in conjunction with all the other materials available to them.

Some of these specialty paper label stocks include:

  • Classic Felt
  • Linen Solar White
  • White Pearl
  • Brushed Platinum
  • Black Estate
  • And many more – See larger list
Black Estate Paper Label with Copper Foil

Black Estate Paper Label with Copper Foil

If you really want to go retro there are even labels stocks made from actual Birch wood and Cherry wood. You may have seen one of these materials used on a bottle of fine whiskey or wine at your local liquor store.

Foil Labels

Kraft Paper Label with Silver foil

Kraft Paper Label with Silver foil

The paper label material is only the beginning because when you add some of the new metallic foils to your package, you now have a paper label that can stand up to some of today’s high end packaging design effects. Metallic foils come in a rainbow of colors and can help your brand stand out on a crowded retail shelf.

Label Embossing

Embossed Paper Label with Gold Foil

Embossed Paper Label with Gold Foil

Another way to make your paper labels stand out is by adding texture to the label.

Nothing says luxury, gourmet, quality or artisan like the feel of an embossed paper label.

Embossing is used most notably on wine labels but the process can help any high end product stand out.