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Waterproof Labels and Stickers

Waterproof Label Stickers Is the sticker or label waterproof? Stickers and labels can be made of a variety of materials to give you a "Waterproof Sticker" but the question you should be asking yourself is how much water protection do I need? And, how long does it need to last? Why pay for [...]

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Are they Labels or Stickers?

I know it seems like a silly discussion, but the question of "Should I call them labels or stickers?" does come up quite often. To be exact, the technical definitions are as follows: A label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or product, on which is [...]

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A Label as Long as 6 Football Fields?

Labels used to measure Geo Synthetic Fabrics The longest label in the world? Who knows, but a 2000 foot label in 1 foot increments has got to be right up there. When a geo-fabric distributor sells their materials to large contracting groups, how can each party be assured the right amount of fabric [...]

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E-Liquid Warning Labels

Single color label with tactile triangle. What you need to know about E-Liquid (sometimes called  'eJuice' or 'vape juice') warning labels: In recent years, the e-cigarette market has absolutely taken off. E-liquid companies have sprung up quickly all across the country in every state. Vape cafes are the new coffee shop and can [...]

Choosing the right label adhesive

There is a huge difference in the label adhesive needed for a retail fiber box vs. a jet engine part. There is nothing worse than having your beautifully designed label not stick to your product except having the label you purchased to be removable stick like grim death. Using the correct label adhesive can literally [...]

Asset Labels: A Labeled Asset is a Found Asset

There are many, many types of labels out there but do you know what asset labels are? How do asset labels differ from other labels? Are they unique to an industry? What information do they present? Well, to answer your question, asset labels are used to identify maintenance and operational purposes. They are most commonly found [...]

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GHS Mandate Ribbon and Label Blanks

Black and Red Colored Ribbon to comply with GHS 5609 Mandate for Marine Immersion. Classifications of chemicals materials has been standardized by the United Nations so as to create a more uniform way to identify hazardous products. In doing so the process of producing product labels for chemicals being shipped around the country and over [...]

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Custom Labels in 3 Easy Steps

We offer help to businesses that don't have label experts to guide them through the process of designing and selecting materials for their custom labels. Choose your label design and materials If you do not have a label design, our experienced label specialists will guide you through the process to create a design and select [...]

3M 7879 Matte Silver Polyester Label Material

3M 7879 is an extremely durable matte polyester label stock that offers high abrasion and chemical resistance. This material utilizes 3M™ Adhesive 350. Excellent adhesion to LSE plastics and textured, powder coated, painted surfaces. Automotive Underhood Chemical Resistance. Additionally the 3M 7879 Polyester’s top-coat prints beautifully when paired with our digital color press. This label [...]

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