We offer help to businesses that don’t have label experts to guide them through the process of designing and selecting materials for their custom labels.

Custom Business Label

  1. Choose your label design and materials

    If you do not have a label design, our experienced label specialists will guide you through the process to create a design and select materials for custom labels.

  2. Provide your numbering sequence

    We accept spreadsheet and CSV text files. If you do not have a numbering schema, we can help you design one.

  3. Receive your labels within 1 week

    Labels are typically printed & ready to ship in 3-5 business days. We carry many
    different stocks and lamination films to ensure quick turnaround for your labels.

    Our normal turnaround for sequentially numbered labels is less than one week. For
    rush orders, we have the capability to produce and ship labels the same day.

Serialized Inventory Control Labels

Label Materials

By keeping a wide range of label materials and adhesives on hand, we can fulfill very specialized label requests quickly. In stock materials are:

  • Paper – thermal transfer coated and direct thermal, with permanent or removable
  • Polypropylene – for inexpensive waterproof labels, but not meant for long- term
    outdoor use.
  • Vinyl – Flexible durable, rated up to eight years of outdoor use.
  • Polyester – The most durable and chemically resistant label with maximum temperature range of up to 350 F.
  • Nylon – For clothing and fabric that can be sewn or ironed in.
  • Specialty Materials – Retro-Reflective polyester, heavy duty warehouse racking magnets, tamper evident polyester and vinyl, Solas, freezer adhesives, Lexan laminates and many other items.

These are the most requested materials, if you have a special need, call us.

Numbering and Barcode Data

Serialized numbers or alphanumeric data are used to track inventory, assets, lots/batches and even direct an individual to a website.

We take care of converting your data into barcodes for you, calculating check digits, and verifying the integrity of your printed labels. We have experience building databases to track your serialized data to insure the integrity and to avoid duplicates.

Quick Turn Around

We understand that your business depends on your vendors following through on their delivery promises.

We keep our delivery time short because:

  • We stock the materials you need
  • We produce our labels in house
  • We have close to 1000 cutting dies on hand
  • We have been manufacturing serialized and barcode labels for 27 years

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