To enhance customer confidence, assure warrantied products are tamper-free, and track product batches back to their origin, ABLT offers custom security labels for brand protection.

Contact an ABLT specialist today to determine the optimal combination of materials and print methods to design the best custom security label for your unique needs.

Below is a list of common materials and printing methods for brand protection labels & security labels from which to choose:

Void if Removed Labels

Void if Removed Label“Void if Removed” labels leave behind the word “VOID” or an adhesive pattern when they are removed. Consult with an ABLT label specialist to design the ideal “Void if Removed” label to best suit your needs.

Security Slits

To make label removal difficult, security slit cuts are strategically placed on the label to ensure the label cannot be removed in one piece.

Delaminating Surface

Custom Security LabelSyntherm® label material is used to produce a sheer effect that works like the destructible materials but is less brittle and can be used with certain lamination films to create a more durable label.

Destructible Labels

Destructible labels are made of brittle materials with aggressive adhesives, making it impossible to remove these labels in one piece. Destructible labels are used when difficult removal is required and durability is not.

Multi layer LaminationsSecurity Slit Labels

Multi-layer laminations are combined to make reproduction of the label extremely difficult. Because most label materials are easily accessible, ABLT can use a combination of materials and printing methods to make counterfeiting difficult.

Holographic Marks

A hologram is a flat image that when viewed at the proper angle appears to be three dimensional. Using holograms is one of the most effective methods of creating anti-counterfeit labels because they are so difficult to reverse engineer.

Radiant Translucent Film

ABLT uses a 3M Radiant Translucent Film which allows light to pass through and create a rainbow effect that is very difficult to recreate. Combining this film with other tamper evident material adds an additional layer of protection.

Custom Serialized Check Digits

By creating a serialized or database driven numbering system and adding a personalized check character, all decals can be accounted for and compared to a master list for authentication or validation.