ABLT customers can choose from a variety of sequentially numbered barcode labels and unique serial number labels for a variety of applications.

Serial number labels contain a numeric or alpha numeric sequence of numbers and may also contain a barcode. They are used to Serial Number Labels with Full Color Backgroundhelp companies track shipments, batch dates, lots, and model numbers.

As each serial number label is unique, these labels aid in quality control and protect against theft and counterfeiting. ABLT will help you determine what data you want to capture and program that into your product’s distinctive barcode.

To ensure the integrity of each barcode, ABLT can scan your custom barcode labels during printing to prevent duplicates, missing numbers, or anomalous readings. Our wide array of label options feature durable adhesives and specialized laminates built to withstand harsh environments, such as moisture, heat, UV rays and solvents.

Serial Number labels with variable model numberABLT customers can choose from a variety of sequentially numbered barcode labels for all industrial labeling or choose from a variety of pressure sensitive custom serialized labels in several materials including: polyester, vinyl, nylon, and polypropylene.

A variety of additional label stocks are available through ABLT, including a wide range of papers, films, fabrics, foils, and metals. These stocks are typically adhesive on one side and printed on the other side of the custom printed label.

  • Numbered OEM product labels
  • Property identification tags also known as asset labels
  • Model or SKU labels with preprinted barcode numbers
  • Laboratory labels with bar codes
  • Product recall numbering labels also known as batch numbers
  • Pallet identification, license plate labels
  • Parking decals printed for inside or outside the window
  • Serialized tamper evident labels

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Group of serialized and barcoded LabelsProduct ID Labels
These customized serial number labels are ideal for unique identification of each part produced within a group of same part numbers. These control labels can include information composed of plain human readable characters, linear bar codes or a 2D (datamatrix or QR code) barcode.

Pallet ID Labels
These serialized barcode labels are applied to pallets when a product is received or shipped at the dock. These labels are often used in conjunction with Pick-to-Light software systems. This type of barcoding instantly allows identification of the pallet and its contents when data is entered or retrieved from the inventory control system.

Inventory Control Labels
Similar to pallet identification labels, these UPC retail inventory labels are usually linked with purchasable items in a store or catalog. Inventory control labels allow unique identification and efficient tracking throughout the manufacturing and shipping process. UPC Code labels allow manufacturer information to be effortlessly transferred and tracked by the distributor or retail store.

Tamper Indicating Labels
Tamper evident labels make unauthorized access to protected items easily detectable, heightening package or product security. Our tamper resistant labels come in many options including: warranty void labels, destructible labels and holographic pattern slit cut labels.

Vinyl Label Stock
Vinyl pressure sensitive label stock is long-lasting and highly flexible. In its permanent form, this vinyl label can withstand up to eight years in a severe outdoor environment but is still resilient enough to conform to shape contours. Even in its removable adhesive form, this vinyl label stock still offers excellent long-term adhesion, durability and conformity. When the label is removed, it leaves no residue behind.

Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)
BOPP is ideal for medical and laboratory testing processes, because the polypropylene is strong enough to withstand any level of heat produced by an autoclave. BOPP also features a high gloss finish, resistance to oils and grease and BOPP can be recycled.

Nylon Tag Stock
Nylon labels come in both sew-in and iron-on varieties. These flexible, industrial strength nylon tracking labels are 100% nylon and are perfect for the identification of woven products, such as bank bags, designer rugs and rental clothing.