Looking for a hard-to-find designer clothing custom label look? ABLT can deliver professional-looking results on rare custom clothing tags, including iron-on, adhesive backing, and digital image fabric tags.

Whether you need labels for clothing or household textiles, ABLT has a custom label selection to match your needs. Offering small or large quantity runs and quick turnaround, ABLT will begin creating your custom clothing tags and labels right away and can deliver your project in as little as 10 working days.Fabric Label

ABLT customers can choose from custom woven labels including damask, satin, and taffeta, as well as white vinyl or Tyvek. You can also choose custom printed labels such as coated satin polyester, iron-on non-woven nylon. Let an ABLT consultant help you find the perfect fabric apparel label or tag to suit your unique needs.

Woven Damask Labels

Woven damask is lustrous based thread with a smooth, soft texture. It is considered high end and used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Damask weave produces the best quality labels at a slightly higher cost than other woven labels.

Woven High Definition Labels

The high end process used to produce these high definition labels utilizes a high thread count to achieve a crisp clarity and smooth finish that is most desirable in a woven label.

Digi Color Weave/Photo Weave Labels

Small threads are used to bring out photo-like qualities, much like pixels used in computer imaging.

Woven Satin Labels

A polyester based lustrous thread which is soft and smooth. Woven satin can be produced using a single needle or broadloom set-up based on quality needs.

Woven Taffeta Labels

A polyester-based plain woven thread used for low cost or basic uses. Not suggested for use in contact with skin as it tends to be scratchy. Very durable and more suitable for outerwear or accessories.

Woven Furniture/Deck Labels

Woven or printed sublimation furniture labels have a self-adhesive backing which allows the label to adhere directly to the furniture decks.

Fabric Printed Sublimation Labels

Fabric printed sublimation is four color process printing on woven nylon material which allows for great detail and endless color options.

Fabric with Self Adhesive Backing Labels

Adhesive or Pressure Sensitive Labels are most commonly used for stand alone objects that are not exposed to the elements or wash cycles. These labels have adhesion similar to peel and stick name badges and come off if used on clothing or items that are washed. Common applications for adhesive labels are carpets, furniture, stationary equipment and some shoes and handbags. These labels are straight cut and produced on rolls.

Fabric Iron-On Backing

Both woven labels and printed labels can be produced with a heat seal/iron-on backing. Woven labels typically last longer, and stitching is often added to assure longevity. These labels are straight cut.

Printed Nylon Sew-in or Iron-on Tags

Nylon labels come in both sew-in and iron-on varieties. These flexible, industrial strength nylon tracking labels are 100% nylon and are perfect for the identification of woven products such as uniforms and costumes. Adding colored logo or print is also an option.

All woven labels are custom and many cuts are available:

  • Straight Cut – flat label with stitching on 1 or all 4 sides
  • Centerfold – label is folded in half, and loose ends are sewn into inseam
  • End Folded – label ends are folded inward for stitching on the ends of folds
  • Die Cut/Patch – can be produced with rounded or square corners in custom shapes for patches