Embossed labels and labels manufactured using hot foil stamping help to add perceived value and denote an exceptional level of quality.

Hot Foil Label Stamping
Hot foil stamping and embossing create richly textured labels that add perceived value to products. These processes are often used on specialty foods, wine, and high-end retail packaging to denote an exceptional level of quality.Hot Foil Stamped Label

Hot foil stamping is a dry printing process in which color pigments or metallic foil is transferred from a continuous roll to the label using heat, pressure and time. The foils can be a solid color, metallic (gold, silver or copper), refractive, or holographic.

Embossed Labels
Embossing gives labels a 3D look and feel. The process requires a male and female die that presses an image into the label material to create raised design.Embossed Label

Example uses for embossed labels and hot foil stamped labels:

  • Wine bottle labels
  • University seals and documents
  • Business anniversary decals
  • Retail gift boxes and bags

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