Kubota Tractors operate in a harsh environment where supply and adhesive and material combination is of extreme importance for managing customer data.

Managed Customer Data Kubota - Case Study


Customer needed a label printer that could run very small quantities of their serialized part number labels and ensure that there would be no missing or duplicate labels. Quality and durability of the label were of extreme importance.


The issue was that there were over 250 different model numbers and each model number could have a different starting serial number at any point in time. All orders needed to be downloaded from the customer’s website and their current vendor was having a difficult time keeping track of all the models. In addition, all open orders needed to be shipped once a week every week.


•    The first step was to supply an adhesive and material combination that could stand up to the harsh environment that Kubota tractors experience on a daily basis.
•    The second step was to work with the customer’s technology support staff to understand their automated order entry system and design an internal tracking and inventory system that would let us download, print, inventory, and ship on a weekly basis.

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