Custom Asset Tracking Labels and Serialized Labels

ABLT is a leader in custom asset tracking labels for businesses and equipment. Our asset labels can be imprinted with your logo to reinforce brand awareness.

Quality – Asset tracking labels, produced from extra durable polyester label stock, are resistant to heat and chemicals. Our custom asset labels can be imprinted with your logo to distinguish your assets from that of any other and to reinforce brand awareness. A white background is most desirable when adding bar codes to labels, but matte silver can also be used.

Color Asset Tracking Label

Fast – Samples can be shipped same day and normal orders are usually shipped in 5 days.

Commonly requested types of asset label materials (other materials are available upon request):

White Polyester (3M 7868, 3M7871 or Raflatac UL)

  • Property control label can be imprinted with 1 to 4 color process, including metallic gold and silver, company name, and logo.
  • Bar code sequential numbering in code 3 of 9, code 128 or 2D datamatrix.
  • Durable polyester face stock with aggressive adhesive
  • Laminated with clear scratch resistant polyester film.
  • Custom base stock and adhesive combinations are available upon request.

Matte Silver Polyester (7813)

  • Property control label can be imprinted with 1-4 colors, company name, logo, or college name.
  • Comes with bar codes or sequential numbering.
  • Clear polyester laminate resist solvents, greases, and cleaning chemicals.
  • Many different adhesives to choose from.

Tamper Evident (7381 White Gloss, 7380 White Matte, FMV01402 White Triangle Void, FMV02  Bright Silver Void, 7885 Destructible Vinyl, Syntherm Destructible)

  • Void if removed polyester – leaves VOID mark when removed
  • Destructible vinyl – breaks into very tiny pieces when someone tries to remove the label
  • Synthetic paper with delaminating surface
  • Polyester labels with security slits

Bright Silver Polyester  – Not Meant for Barcode Use (FM682 heavy duty adhesive, 7903)

  • Property control label can be imprinted with 1-4 colors, company name, contact information and logo.
  • Comes with sequential numbering.  Generally not used for barcode tracking because of silver reflection.
  • Base polyester material is bright silver polyester 2 mil with permanent adhesive on #50 liner.
  • Labels are covered with a 1 mil clear polyester protective lamination film.
  • Available with tamper evident “Void if Removed” adhesive.