Need a specialty label that withstands elements such as extreme temperatures, weather, moisture, oils, grease, and solvents?

The consultants at ABLT can customize most label needs and we carry a wide range of hard-to-find specialty label stocks and adhesives available to mix and match.

We can combine various label materials, shapes, sizes, adhesives, and laminates to match them to harsh environment durability requirements. We create the ideal weatherproof and waterproof label to meet your unique needs. These specialty labels can then be color printed with your company brand and styling while still meeting your exact specifications.

specialized label stock

specialized label stock

Contact us to determine what mix of specialty label materials is right for your project. Below is a partial list of specialty materials we have used to solve our customers’ challenging label issues.

Our Specialty Label Materials Include:

Polyester or Mylar Face Stock

Polyester, or Mylar, face stock is an extremely durable material that withstands great temperature ranges and possesses excellent chemical resistance. Standard stock comes in white, metalized silver, and clear but can be tinted to any color needed. Common uses include:

  • Solar Panel Modules
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Hazardous Warning Labels.

Vinyl Long Term Outdoor Decal Stock

Vinyl Long-Term Outdoor Decal stock is one of the most outdoor friendly materials available, boasting 5 – 7 years of outdoor durability. This tough stock is able to handle even the brightest of graphics. Common applications include:

  • Warning labels
  • DOT sign decals
  • Automobile stickers
  • Waterproof decals

Lamination Films

To protect various printed material, ABLT uses 3M graffiti resistant laminating film as an overlaminate to resist permanent marker, crayon, pen, paint and other forms of defacement.

Other benefits of this film are superior abrasion, humidity, and solvent resistance whose adhesive offers premium performance to a wide variety of surfaces. Uses for this anti-glare laminating film include warning and critical information labels, signature protection, and medical forms protection.

Lexan Lamination Film

For outdoor label applications, the Lexan clear Polycarbonate overlaminate will protect your printed material from extreme moisture and UV rays.

These high performance labels are commonly used on gas pumps, radio bezels, hard hats and bicycle helmets, industrial equipment, sporting equipment, toys, and outdoor vehicles. Available in 3 to 10 mil thicknesses.

UV Resistant Acrylar

The UV resistant Acrylar label product will add years to the life of colored labels. This protective laminate is chemical resistant but still offers excellent clarity and readability of the label. This material is ideal for long term outdoor applications, as well as warehouse bin labeling, shelf marking, and long-range scanning of barcodes in indoor environments.

Polyester Laminated to Aggressive Adhesive

When nothing else will stick, polyester laminated to tire adhesive is often the best solution. This heavy duty polyester label, coated with a thick tire adhesive, ensures a permanent bond.

Solvent Resistant Label Blanks

Print Variable Data labels in-house without worrying about oil, grease, and solvents affecting your print. ABLT has developed a labeling system designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. LizardSkin Thermal Transfer printable labels, when combined with our custom formulated TT ribbon, gives variable data lasting durability.

ABLT can provide blank or preprinted labels, allowing you to print custom barcodes or identification data in-house. Let ABLT’s label engineers walk you through a customized label solution to solve your label needs.

Blast Freezer & Cryogenic Label Adhesive

ABLT’s Blast Freezer and Cryogenic label adhesive withstands a wide range of harsh temperatures from -65°F to 200°F. These specialty labels adhere to corrugated, plastic, and metal surfaces.

High Heat Adhesive

ABLT’s high heat adhesive can withstand temperatures up to 500°F with short-term heat resistance and outstanding solvent resistance. These high heat labels are ideal for solder wave reflow, infra-red reflow [IR reflow], top or bottom side wave solder, as well as most cleaning processes and chemicals.

Removable Adhesive

This removable adhesive is perfect for filing and long-term document retention since it removes cleanly from and re-adheres to a variety of materials.

Copper Foil FCC Shielding Labels

Copper Foil FCC Shielding labels are adhesive labels that withstand Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). These labels offer excellent adhesion and adhesive conductivity while still being malleable. Our foil tapes are integrated into Circuits, Modules, RF and RFID enclosures and other applications in the electronics industry.

SOLAS Marine Safety Reflective Tape

With 3M’s SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Marine Safety Reflective Tape, ABLT offers waterproof labels & pressure sensitive adhesive labels that will stick to nearly any surface or texture. Typical initial brightness level is 500 RA. This tape is U.S. Coast Guard approved and is the toughest and brightest reflective tape currently available.

To make our labels both waterproof and reflective, ABLT adds Scotchlite Reflective Material to the SOLAS Tape. This 3M manufactured marking film is easy to apply and includes pressure sensitive adhesive. The 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material can be hand cut, die cut, kiss cut or printed.