Quote Check List - Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies

To simplify the label design process, please answer the specification and requirement questions below.

If you need help answering any of these questions, contact an ABLT label specialist at (800) 321-3653 who will walk you through the process.

  • Label Dimensions – Describe the size width (across the web) x length (in the direction of the web)
  • Label Quantity
  • Label Material: To determine label material, describe how label will be used.
  • How many colors?
  • Printing on one or both sides? Yes/No
  • Will label require numbering or serialization? Yes/No
  • Will the label be laminated? Yes/No
  • Core Size (size of inner roll around which labels are wound) Most common inner diameter cores are 3” and 1”.
  • Maximum outside dimension. Normal outer diameter for thermal transfer printing is 8”.

Factors to consider when choosing label material:

  1. Will label be exposed to outside elements? Yes/No
  2. What is the required life span of the label? 1 year, 2-5 years, 5+ years, (don’t know)
  3. Will the label be exposed to chemicals? If yes, what kind(s)? Yes/No
  4. What are the minimum and maximum temperatures to which the label will be exposed?
  5. What will be the temperature upon application?
  6. Will the label be applied by hand or machine? Hand/Machine
  7. Will the label receive additional printing by the end-user? Yes/No If yes, what type of printer will be used?

Any additional information you can add is always appreciated.