Stocked Label Materials

Stocked Label Materials

After years of commitment to our customers for quick deliveries, we have developed an extensive collection of stocked label materials.

The list of our label materials stock includes:

Face Stocks
Polyester · Vinyl · Polypropylene

Aggressive · Removable · Freezer · High Heat

Specialty Materials
Direct Thermal · Piggyback · Squeeze · Cling

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Advanced Barcode and Label Technologies Stocked Label Materials Specifications:

FLX000324FlexconClear UV Polyester 1mil PolyesterData Page
FP0221023MMatt Matte White PP Aggressive AdhesivePolyProData Page
72463MTT3 Matte White PolyesterPolyesterData Page
78133MMatte Silver PolyesterPolyesterData Page
FMV012023MBright Silver TriangleVOIDData Page
73503MClear PolyesterPolyesterData Page
FMV023MBright Silver VOIDVOIDData Page
78713MWhite Gloss PolyesterPolyesterData Page
78683MWhite Gloss PolyesterPolyesterData Page
78163MWhite Gloss PolyesterPolyesterData Page
78793MMatte Silver Polyester with Aggressive AdhesivePolyesterData Page
73813MWhite Gloss PolyesterPolyesterData Page
78103MWhite Gloss PolyesterPolyesterData Page
72824FassonBright Silver PolyesterPolyesterData Page
73739FassonRetroReflectivePolyesterData Page
75386FassonClear PP with clear linerPolyProData Page
18558FassonDT Paper RemovablePaperData Page
54141Fasson#8 60# Estate PaperPaperData Page
11301Fasson#9 60# Estate PaperPaperData Page
79453FassonWhite Polyester Aggressive AdhesivePolyesterData Page
79098FassonClear BOPPPolyProData Page
77536FassonWhite BOPP with Aggressive AdhesivePolyProData Page
71055FassonWhite Removable PolyesterPolyesterData Page
53432FassonWhite Paper with Ultra Removable AdhesivePaperData Page
77922FassonMatte Silver Polyester with Aggressive AdhesivePolyesterData Page
40087FassonWhite VinylVinylData Page
53386Fasson8pt SG TagPaperData Page
53919Fasson60# SG PaperPaperData Page
79572Fasson4mil Poly Tag Stock KimduraPolyProData Page
76835FassonWhite BOPPPolyProData Page
01606FassonWhite Removable PaperPaperData Page
FLX054103FlexconNEXgen™ 21110 White PolyesterPolyesterData Page
FLX000318FlexconMatt Silver Polyester aggressive AdhesivePolyesterData Page
FLX054102FlexconClear PolyesterPolyesterData Page
FLX027651FlexconClear UV Protective PolyesterPolyesterData Page
FLX012395FlexconCOMPUcal® Matte Clear PolyesterPolyesterData Page
SF40ST601AcucoteSyntherm® Tamper Evident PolyPolyolefin
48547 SpinnakerVeero TT Smudge ResistantPaperData Page
48324SpinnakerRed FluorescentPaperData Page
46910SpinnakerScanTherm Direct Thermal PiggybackPaperData Page
45631SpinnakerScanTherm Direct Thermal with Cold Temp AdhesivePaperData Page
49219SpinnakerGloss White Polyester for Cylindrical LabelsingPolyester
42311SpinnakerWhite Label-LytePolyproData Page
42147SpinnakerGloss White PolyesterPolyesterData Page
41933SpinnakerBright Silver BOPPPolyproData Page
41912SpinnakerPrimeScan with Drum and Barrel AdhesivePolyolefinData Page
41892SpinnakerWhite BOPP with All-Temp AdhesivePolyProData Page
41879SpinnakerPrimeScan with Cold Temp AdhesivePolyolefinData Page
41808SpinnakerTT PiggybackPaperData Page
41779SpinnakerBright Silver FoilPaperData Page
41739SpinnakerDull Gold FoilPaperData Page
75849Fasson3mil LexanLexanData Page
10MIL8A35Tekra10mil LexanLexan
UL05ARaflatacWhite SG PolyesterPolyester
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